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FBI Virus, MoneyPak- in violation of one of the following: illegal use of downloaded media, under-age porn viewing, or computer-use negligence.



There is a new “drive-by” virus on the Internet, and it often carries a fake message—and fine—purportedly from the FBI.

“We’re getting inundated with complaints,” said Donna Gregory of the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), referring to the virus known as Reveton ransomware, which is designed to extort money from its victims.

Reveton is described as drive-by malware because unlike many viruses—which activate when users open a file or attachment—this one can install itself when users simply click on a compromised website. Once infected, the victim’s computer immediately locks, and the monitor displays a screen stating there has been a violation of federal law.

-From the website

Grapevine Communications has seen this virus on dozens of our clients computers.  If you see this message DON'T SEND MONEY to the scammers.  We can remove the virus from your computer safely.  Call us today at 707-395-4110.